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Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Helping Srilankan Tamils

Now that the war in Srilanka is over and done with, it is time to plunge into some relief and rehab work for the Tamils. Psychiatric Services and Research Foundation is networking with other individuals and organizations to offer medical/pscyhiatric aid to the victims. Anyone interested in some voluntary work can chip in their share. All forms of help are most welcome:)


geetha said...

is anything going on.
can i join the voluntary work

Anonymous said...

Good initiative doctor..

well appreciated.

Also please keep blogging seems like you are busy these days, would like to read some of your thoughts and advices...

Anonymous said...

Hi Dear Shalini, I'm your big fan , I love you very much. Your all works are so good , Eager to meet and talk with you ,

Anonymous said...

I'm continuously reading your article Yaar Indha Periyaar in UNMAI magazine . It was so so so so so nice ,